Alphabet Cookies & Cookie Emergencies

alphabet cookies

Alphabet cookies save the day.

In my line of work, we sometimes have what I like to call “Cookie Emergencies.” A customer remembers at the last minute that his boss’s birthday is tomorrow and needs to rush a box of cookies. Someone orders a gift box and learns just before FedEx delivers it that the recipient is traveling out of the country for a month. In two years in the baking biz, the list has gotten fairly long.

This week we got to handle a pretty fun “cookie emergency.” A television crew needed dozens of alphabet cookies for a segment, but when the cookies they ordered from another company arrived, they were all broken! We came to the rescue with freshly baked ABC’s. The customer was so happy when she picked them up, she hugged me and told me I saved her life. All in a day’s work!

Addendum: Best cookie emergency of all time? Last year we had all the preparations ready for a 5-year-old boy’s Wii themed birthday party. At the last minute, he announced to his mom that he was no longer interested in Wii; now he was interested in presidents!

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