Wedding favors for my sister’s wedding

favor close-upMy sister got married last weekend, and I had the great honor of being in charge of wedding favors. In the lead up to the big day, I gave lots and lots of thought to the treat and packaging. We settled on cinnamon blondies (one of Sarah’s BFG favorites), and I designed two complementary stickers to go on the front and back of the favors, connected by bakery string. The front featured their names, and the back explained which charities they chose to support.

wedding favors

Packaging favors takes a surprisingly long time, and when you’re packaging 12 dozen of them, it can feel like forever. Fortunately, I had my mom’s help, and together we were able to finish all the packaging in about 3 hours.

The blondies were a great addition to the tables and made for a delicious take-home snack. (In truth, a lot of them didn’t make it that long!)

Check out more photos here.

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