Neck Pumpkins and Gooseneck Squash

This morning as I wandered through the Union Square Greenmarket, I spotted these funny-looking gourds. I’m a huge squash fan (as you may have noticed if you’ve been reading this blog), but these guys were totally foreign to me. Look how long their necks are! They look like snakes, especially those two green ones toward the back, with their stems sticking out like slithery tongues. In my head, I ┬ádecided to call them “serpent squash.”

When I got home, I did some internet searching and learned that, apparently, the ones in the back are called cushaw squash, or gooseneck squash, and the orange one in the front is a “neck pumpkin.” Neck pumpkins are supposed to be great for baking because there’s so much good “meat” to work with. Next time I see one, I’m going to sling it over my shoulder and lug it over to the bakery to put this theory to the test.

Have you ever seen gourds like these or, better yet, baked with them?

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