Bake Me Home Inspires Kids to Give Back

October’s featured nonprofit is Bake Me Home, an organization started by two young girls and their mom to provide homeless and disadvantaged moms and kids with direct services that encourage shared family experiences. Bake Me Home has grown considerably since we first met them in 2009, and we’re glad to be able to share with you – in their words! – how their mission has expanded over time.
Bake Me Home – Getting kids involved in their communities
At Bake Me Home we began with a simple idea: help other moms and kids enjoy baking together. Our initial focus was on families moving out of homeless and battered women’s shelters. What better housewarming gifts could we provide than the joy of mixing up your own dough together, the smell of cookies baking in your OWN oven, and of course, the delight of eating warm cookies as a family in your new home?

As floods of volunteers joined our cause, we realized that we had a second mission here at Bake Me Home that is just as important as the first one: to get kids involved in volunteering in their community. Not only to provide hands on opportunities for kids to get up to their elbows in chocolate chips, but to promote the idea that ALL kids can have a positive impact on their community. Emma said it best when she said, “Before Bake Me Home I thought I had to wait to be grown up before I could do anything really important, now I know even kids can make a big difference.”

It was in this spirit, and with inspiration from The Sodexo Foundation, that Amy and Emma began the Bake Me Home Summer Service Grants. Kids got to write in and tell us about a summer project they did for a child-focused charity. Our three winners each received a $100 grant for their charity. Amy summed up the excitement of the event by saying “I really liked getting a big giant check, so I want to give them to other people!” The girls have big plans to continue to grow these grants while serving hundreds of struggling families in Ohio. All in the hopes of making the world a better place, one cookie at a time!

Consider supporting Bake Me Home when you order cookies from Baking for Good this month!
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