The World Needs More Love Letters

If ever you should see me riding on the subway, you’ll probably find that I, like most of my fellow straphangers, have a dour expression on my face. I’m not proud of it, but the subway just makes me feel kind of unhappy. (Actually, I started reading the Hunger Games trilogy last week, and now I’m actually finding myself looking forward to my commute, since it’s one of the few times I have no excuse to do anything but read. But in general, the subway is not a happy place.)

Most people on the subway ignore each other; there seems to be an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t make eye contact with or smile at anyone over the age of 4. But two years ago, a recent college graduate named Hannah Brencher broke that rule. She was riding on the NYC subway and saw a woman who had clearly been having a tough day. Hannah did something very unexpected: she wrote the woman a love letter. Not a gushy “I’m in love with you” letter (that would be creepy), but a thoughtful note of encouragement for someone who was struggling.

The simple act of writing that first love letter made a big impact on Hannah. Her small gesture has turned into The World Needs More Love Letters, a community that writes thousands of love letters to anonymous strangers and people in need around the world.

Baking for Good is pleased to team up with Hannah and The World Needs More Love Letters to share deliciousness and compassion in our communities with our Love Letter Sugar Cookies. We hope you’ll check out our collaboration and take a moment to think: could someone in your life use some cheering up with a sweet gift and thoughtful note?

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