Featured Cause: The Brain Tumor Foundation

Brain Tumor Foundation

new logo

This month, our featured cause is the Brain Tumor Foundation (BTF), a nonprofit that guides and supports patients and families during the turbulent times when their lives are touched by a brain tumor. May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, so we’re especially glad to be able to highlight their work at this time. BTF has just undergone a logo re-design, and we decided to use the new logo as a lens for looking at the organization’s transformation over time.

original logo

The original logo was designed as a reflection of the human mind – what it is capable of and what is lost when it is stricken with a brain tumor.  The logo was designed when the Foundation was first established in 1998.  At that time, the effort to find a cure or even effective treatment seemed very far off.  Things seemed bleak and the general outlook was not very optimistic.

The re-designed logo, an abstract image of a rainbow, is meant to be a symbol of hope and belief in a better tomorrow.  While there is still no cure in the offing and treatment is not that much more effective, there is a greater sense of optimism that there is potential for more effective treatment options, especially if the tumor is found earlier.

The Brain Tumor Foundation’s message is that of early detection – identifying tumors through the use of MRI brain scans, before symptoms become apparent.  Early detection and complete removal is still the best known method today of treating deadly brain tumors.

We think the new logo is beautiful and that its hopeful message is inspiring. You can read more about the Brain Tumor Foundation at their website, and we hope you will consider supporting their work when you shop at our bakery this month.

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